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Instruments Introduction

    Because there is no focimeter available to measure lens power with blocker, it is disastrous especially for high curve lens. It is not easy for flexible polishing to make sure that surface power will be in tolerance after polished.

    As a precision optics engineer, it is our mission to solve this problem, so one afternoon in 2013, a new patented technology, a new baby— RXMeter was born. RXMeter utilizes reflective optical power measurement principle, handheld measures near view and far view zone power to compare with theoretical value of Jobfile in server to determine whether lens is qualified or needs repair, which well improves the yield and eliminates the waste due to power that is beyond tolerance.

    Another feature of RXMeter is the ability to measure base curve of blank. After base curve is obtained by RXMeter, it will be transferred to lens calculation program automatically to correct real base curve data, which lets lens calculation program to be processed in accordance with the actual base curve, to reduce scrap due to imprecise base curve data.

    Current measuring method used in RX Lab is: to mark reference points on lens surface and de-block it after lens processing, through power checks by foci meter staff of far view and near view zone indicated by rubber patter, but it has a problem. If you find lens power out of tolerance, although you can re-block finished lens by invisible mark, you will still have to face bad engraving quality while applying for a second time because you cannot keep the second engraving at the same position and unbalance stock removal while flexible tool polishing will not have uniform stock removal. Thanks to insitu RXMeter, original open-loop production is replaced by a closed-loop, making it possible to refine RX lens and stay away from rejection. For glass mold industry, it is extremely important and necessary to guarantee smooth and quality production. 

    The integrated seal design of RXMeter prevents dust in labs from polluting internal optical system and ensures its long-term stability.

    In addition RXMeter can also easily connect to your RX server via wifi to exchange data.

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